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Victory Tower

R3400.00 +VAT

 (Price includes: 6 Buckets, Submersible Pump, All plumbing Equipment)

-Perfect for strawberries, leafy veg, zucchinis etc

-Contains 6 sections with 24 pots in total 

-Can be increased in size



R9100.00 + VAT

(Price includes: 2 Grow Buckets(1sqm each) and 1 Sump Bucket,Galvanized Frames, Pump, Plumbing, Sprinklers)

This system is perfect for

Root vegetables ie:

Potatoes, Carrots, Onions, Sweet Potato,

Leeks etc

Flow Grow Bed System

R6100.00+ VAT

(Price includes Grow Bed (1sqm) ,Sump, Pump, Plumbing)

This system is perfect for

Ranking veg ie:

Tomatoes, Beans Green Peppers and also

veg that requires more space ie Spinach, Broccoli, cabbage and Herbs

Includes 1 Grow Bed and can be expanded

NFT Pipe System


(Price includes 6 Pipes, Sump, Pump, Plumbing)

This system is perfect for

Leafy veg and Herbs.

It is a space saver system that can be mounted against any wall

6x 1.5m

Self Watering Pot

R950.00+ VAT

Nutrient Starter Pack

R950.00+ VAT

Sprouts Booster

 Starting at R28 000 for a 20 sheep system


-The Sprout Booster system is perfect for feeding animals

-Seed to feed in 7 days.

-Replaces roughly 15ha of irrigated land

-Fresh fodder all year round



Dutch Bucket System

 R 2800 + VAT( Price includes 5 Buckets, Pump, Plumbing, Sump)

-The dutch bucket system is perfect for ranking veg like Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Peppers, Snap Peas etc






Eco hothouse


(Price includes delivery)

This is a more afforadble hothouse for the person who is on a tight budget but wants the benefit of growing vegetables in a hothouse. The hothouse provides a temperature controlled environment where pest and instects can be kept out.

Deluxe hothouse


The is the ultimate in hothouse technology.

Various sizes available

Patented thermo sheets are used in the design. These sheets have been designed to allow the optimal amount of sunlight into the hothouse and at the same time block out all harmful rays.

Two sliding doors and two winch controlled flaps ensures that enough of the heat can escape. The hothouse includes a wet wall which will activate when the temperature inside gets too hot. This is a very rigid design that can withstand nature’s elements. No wear and tear on the plastic sheeting.


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From feeding your livestock to your family to the entire neighbourhood


There is an application that is right for you. Garden Root Hydro has specifically designed and tested systems that focuses on bringing the farm home.


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